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Why protect printers?

Today’s multifunction printer does more than simply print. It scans, sends, and stores potentially sensitive information. Innovations surrounding networked printers help streamline business processes and increase productivity. At the same time, these features may leave your fleet vulnerable to attack. If your printer fleet is connected to the network, it should be protected in the same way as your PC’s and other network endpoints.

The HP Secure Print Analysis tool reveals the range of printer security options now available. Once you complete the questionnaire, you’ll receive a checklist showing both fundamental and advanced printer security protections in relation to the policies your organization has already implemented.

Security focus areas



Printing and imaging devices store user credentials and other sensitive data such as stored print jobs that can be accessed if it’s not encrypted or regularly erased.


Network data

Multifunction printers reside on your company network. They can also be hacked like a computer and be an entry point for malware and viruses.


Access control & authentication

In the absence of a pull printing requirement, sensitive documents may be retrieved by any user. Anyone who has access to printer settings can exploit permissions if the settings aren’t restricted to admin only access.


Monitoring & management

Lack of centralized printer control can lead to inefficient, incomplete, and time-intensive efforts by IT to establish and maintain printer security settings.



Output trays are an easy way for sensitive data to fall into the wrong hands. Unprotected input trays could lead to the theft of special paper–such as check stock.